Fidel Castro Votes in Cuba’s Local Elections


Above: photos of Castro voting at home

By the Caribbean Journal staff

After more than a year without a public appearance, Cuba’s Fidel Castro is increasing his profile.

The former Cuban leader’s latest appearance was in a series of photos showing him voting in this weekend’s local elections.

In the pictures, which were released by the government, Castro is shown having been visited at home by a member of the local polling station to take a ballot.


The government said in-home voting was possible under the country’s Electoral Law for those with “an impediment.”

More than 8 million Cubans were called to vote in the weekend’s elections for the “Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power.”

Castro’s first major appearance in public in more than 14 months came at the beginning of April, when he met with a group of 33 Venezuelan nationals who had recently arrived on the island.

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