The Best Caribbean Snorkeling Islands

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It’s the Caribbean’s most precious resource. It’s right there. It’s beckoning you. You’re on the beach, taking in the sun, and you’re fascinated by what’s going on in the vast blue world right in front of you. It’s why so many people always pick up a mask and fins and decided to snorkel on their Caribbean getaways — it’s a great, easy way to explore, to discover the sea. These are the best Caribbean snorkeling islands — the places where the snorkeling itself is worth making the trip.


Grand Cayman

This is obviously a top Caribbean diving destination,and that means that great snorkeling abounds, too, with dozens of terrific snorkeling spots, from the yellowtails at Eden Rock to the Wreck of the Gamma, an old freighter that’s more than 30 years old. Of course there’s Stingray City, too. (And for some extra adventure, hop over to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman).

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