The Best Caribbean Islands to Live On

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Packing up and heading out for a Caribbean island. It’s the dream for so many of us. But what if you actually did it? We’re here to help with inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a an island high on quiet, or a developed, metropolitan place, the Caribbean has a bit of everything — no matter if you’re planning to move or simply buy a vacation home for part-time living. Each one of these places is different — each has its own benefits and its own challenges (and its own residency laws and requirements). And there are great islands that aren’t on this list. But these islands rise to the top — they’re the places we think are worth buying a one-way ticket for.


Saint Martin

There’s a reason so many people come to the French side of this island — there’s an energy here that you don’t often find alongside beaches this beautiful. It’s hard to find better food anywhere in the Caribbean, and you also have great airlift, great island hopping availability, European-standard schools and healthcare and a vibrant mix of cultures, languages and experiences.

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