The Caribbean’s Newest Floating Bar


Above: D-Boat in Antigua (All photos by CJ)

By Alexander Britell

ANTIGUA — This bar is new and it isn’t going anywhere. But it could sail away if it wanted to.

Its called D Boat, a new floating bar in Antigua made from an old oil tanker.


These kinds of bars are sought after in the region, but there rare — the bars that you can only reach by boat.

Indeed, it takes a boat to get here (D Boat picks you up) from Shell Bay Beach just around the corner from the airport.


After about a minute long ride, you arrive at D Boat, a well appointed, transformed ship replete with a hip lounge, a bar a massive water slide and panoramic views of Antigua Maiden Island and Jumby Bay.

The 140 foot ship itself was sold for scrap about five years ago until proprietor Jamie Nicholson and company bought it two years ago and began the overhaul.


After a short while in “beta testing,” (and a hurricane) it’s now officially open, ready for an all-inclusive day of snorkeling sliding sipping and jumping.


It’s a well designed thing, with each corner of the ship boasting a clear view of Antigua’s brilliant blue waters and a sleek nautical theme.


And everything’s included — all the drinks (Cavalier Rum is a must, naturally), all the rum punch, all the food and all the sliding.


There’s even a new feature soon to open that’s a bit like a plank (above).

In other words, the perfect afternoon walk on a floating bar.