Caribbean Room With a View: The Verandah in Antigua


ANTIGUA — No matter where you go here, it’s hard to move.

First, it’s looking out your window. It’s absolutely quiet. Just the feeling of the wind as it darts over the water.

You have the perfect view of the perfect little sandy bay.


This is The Verandah Resort and Spa in Antigua, home to some of the island’s most magnificent vistas.

And when can fight the urge to simply stare out your window, you can head down to the beach (one of two on the property), a watersports enthusiasts’ dream, from stand-up paddleboarding to grade-A Hobie sailing.


The latter is particularly exhilarating as you chart the waters of a pair of contiguous bays.


But even that’s not easy — because the minute you step on the power-soft sand, you’ll want to sit back and let the rays kick in.

You can’t move. But why would you want to?

— CJ


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