Finding Authentic Gelato in Antigua


Above: The Larder (All photos by CJ)

There are all kinds of ways to cool down in Antigua, whether it’s an English Harbour on the rocks or a Wadadli or a dip on Darkwood Beach.

But when it comes to the sweeter ways, there’s nothing better than a stop at The Larder.

This institution not too far from the airport is a hub of sorts, regularly hosting meetings of the island’s movers and shakers for meals like sandwiches and sushi.


But it’s also home to something else that’s rather special: authentic Italian-style gelato.

It’s rich, creamy, with natural flavours and a just-right consistency that’s one’s usually accustomed to finding in Rome.


That’s not a surprise, given that The Larder’s owners are the brains behind the island’s Big Banana Company, a famous pizza joint.

And with everything from stracciatella to pistachio, The Larder is a must-visit for dessert in Antigua.

— CJ


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