Haiti’s Martelly Visits Ile a Vache


Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly in Ile a Vache

By the Caribbean Journal staff

It’s perhaps the keystone of Haiti’s renewed tourism hopes: Ile a Vache.

And the beach-laden island, which is the site of a major new development project, recently played host to a visit by Haiti President Michel Martelly.

According to a statement, the purpose of the visit was to “inquire into already completed and ongoing development projects” in the community.

Martelly was joined on the visit last week by a slate of Ministers including Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin, Agriculture Minister Fresner Dorcin, Secretary of State for Public Works Philippe Cineas, South Department Delegate Dr Fritz Chery and chief official of Ile a Vache, Fritz Cesar.

Martelly visited construction sites in the city of Terre-Plein and the new airport project. The latter’s site is located near the town of Balerase.

“The development of Ile a Vache necessarily applies to all of its inhabitants,” Martelly told a gathering.

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