Island Bites: Ken’s BBQ Grill in Anguilla


Above: Kens’ (All photos by CJ)

It’s hard to walk a few feet in Anguilla without bumping into some kind of restaurant, whether it’s a high-end restaurant or a tiny food truck.


But if you really want an authentic taste of Anguilla, you can’t miss Ken’s BBQ Grill, otherwise known as Ken’s Ribs and Chicken, a food stand in the heart of the capital, that’s home to some of the best chicken and ribs you’ll find.


It’s simple: a few picnic-style tables, a few grills, under the shade of a just-big-enough tent.

The menu is simple: chicken, and ribs, both grilled exquisitely, at that perfect crossroads of charred and moist.


The only problem is deciding how soon you’ll come back.

— CJ


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