How to Make the Perfect Caribbean Private Island Resort


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

When it comes to private island resorts, Petit St Vincent is one of our favorites.

Who among us wouldn’t want to want to get away to this idyllic 22-cottage oasis afloat in the turquoise waters of The Grenadines, where your toughest task will be to resist the fresh-baked cookies delivered daily to your patio?

Alas, few among us may be able to swing the $5,500-a-week tab. But potential (and past) PSV guests can preview (or reminisce over) the plush private-island experience in Island Treasure, The Making and Remaking of Petit St. Vincent, a new book by writer and photographer Lana Shore.

The tome traces the evolution of the resort, from Willis Nichols’ 1965 purchase of the 115-acre outpost from St Vincent and the Grenadines’ government for $50,000 “as a place for yachtsmen to get a meal, shower, ice, a drink or two, and possibly a room” to its present incarnation as a subtly luxurious Caribbean sanctuary for those – such as Daniel Craig and Michael Buble – who prefer their getaways high-end but low-key.

Island Treasure is available on for $18.95.


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