The Best Lobster in St Maarten


Above: the lobster thermidor at Pineapple Pete’s (all photos by CJ)

At Pinepple Pete, they say it’s so famous you should ask for its autograph.

It’s the Lobster Thermidor at Pineapple Pete’s in St Maarten, and it’s almost certainly the best lobster in all of the country.


Above: Pineapple Pete

This is a simply massive Caribbean lobster, served with fresh mushrooms and a light cream sauce, au gratin with a layer of Parmesan cheese.

Like any good lobster thermidor worth its weight (and this one weighs quite a bit), it’s rich, heavy and creamy — and not for the faint of heart.


But those who make the leap will be rewarded with a thoroughly satisfying seafood feast.

And if you come at dinnertime (yes, the thermidor also makes for quite a lunch), there’s live music by local bands every night.

— CJ


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