The Caribbean’s Swimming Pig Capital

Above: the swimming pigs of the Exumas

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Bahamas has a new title: it’s the “Official Home of the Swimming Pigs,” the country’s tourism board announced Monday.

The move is a nod to the famous swimming pigs on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay.

That island, located in the Exumas, has become a major tourist destination.

Though the pics are wild, they are generally friendly, and even led to a recent children’s book called “The Secret of Pig’s Island.”

It’s still not clear how the pigs first came to the island, as they are not indigenous, although local lore says the pigs were dropped off by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them.

There are now about 20 pigs or piglets living on the island.

“The Islands Of The Bahamas are very proud to be the Official Home of the Swimming Pigs,” said Joy Jibrilu, director general of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. “We’ve already introduced thousands of visitors to ‘Pig Beach’ and we look forward to welcoming thousands more in the years to come.”