Digicel Wants to Promote Jamaica as an Investment Destination


Above: Digicel’s headquarters in Kingston

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Digicel is offering to promote Jamaica as an investment destination.

Digicel Jamaica’s Chief Executive Officer, Barry O’Brien, says Jamaica is a “great place to do business,” and is offering to market the country as the “preferred investment destination in the Caribbean.”

“It’s been nothing but a success story for us,” O’Brien said of Jamaica, where the company has been doing business since 2001. “We used to consider ourselves as direct foreign investors, now we consider ourselves very much a Jamaican company.”

According to O’Brien, the Jamaica-based company is a $3 billion company per annum today, doing business in 32 different markets.

“We have built a Jamaican company out of here,” he said. “We are founded out of here, we feel Jamaican.”

And it’s a story O’Brien says he wants to tell, perhaps in partnership with JAMPRO, the country’s investment promotion agency.

“We want to be used as an example by the Government and JAMPRO of a foreign direct investment company that has been extremely successful here,” he said. “We have done extremely well out of (Jamaica), so why can’t other people?”