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Why This Island Has Launched a New “Good Foods” Project

Above: Tobago (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The island of Tobago is making a push when it comes to “good” foods.

Thanks in part to the European Business Chamber in Trinidad and Tobago, the island has launched what’s called the Tobago Good Foods Project, aimed at ensuring the production of “only the highest quality foods.”

The project is part of the wider Enabling Competitive Business, a collaboration between several Ministries.

The project’s goal is to support Tobago’s food producers in five sectors: dairy goat production, beekeeping, organic farming, root crops and tree crops.

“Such products have been in high demand with foreigners, and consistent high quality should have a positive impact on tourism,” the government of Tobago said in a statement.

“It’s all about creating good foods for the tourism and hotel sectors,” said Marie Louise Norton-Murray, president of the European Business Chamber in Trinidad and Tobago. “We did a lot of workshops, visited estates, and chose beneficiaries. It was based on their estate and entrepreneurship… Our consultants get on the ground level with the beneficiaries.”

The project has received an endorsement from the Tobago House of Assembly, looking to support investments aimed at producing “good food” on the island.

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