St Lucia’s Floating Fruit Stands


Above: a floating fruit stand in St Lucia

THE EASTERN Caribbean is home to some of the best fresh produce on earth.

Guadeloupe, Dominica, St Lucia, Martinique — whether it’s papayas or sugar apples or even the familiar banana you’re looking for, you can find superb varieties in this corner of the West Indies — in large part due to the wonderfully rich soil.


But as with all good produce, distribution is key: and St Lucia has figured it out.

That’s because in a number of the island’s bays, intrepid produce entrepreneurs have devised their own creative distribution methods: by paddling their own floating fruit stands.


Moor your yacht or catamaran in the harbour, and within seconds, one of St Lucia’s floating fruit salesmen will be at your side (and sometimes with crafts for sale, too).

It’s that rare privilege: eating fresh fruit on the bow of your boat, gazing at St Lucia’s natural beauty from the sea.


And with these kayak-based fruit kiosks, you never have to worry about waiting on line.

— CJ

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