The Caribbean Food Awards — 2014

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Sure, we all come to the Caribbean primarily for the natural beauty. But Caribbean food is also one of the world’s greatest treasures — a blend of histories, cultures, tastes and identities as varied as you will find anywhere on earth. And we highlight the richness of the region’s food with the first of what will become an annual celebration: the Caribbean Food Awards. Caribbean Journal’s new venture celebrates the best in Caribbean food, from food destinations to restaurants to food trucks to our chef of the year.


Food Destination of the Year – Anguilla

If you can steal away from Anguilla’s magnificent beaches, you’ll find a marvelously robust food scene that is home to a whopping 100 restaurants. And while Anguilla is known as a high-end destination, the restaurants are free of pretension, from gourmet food trucks to locally-sourced fine dining. In short, Anguilla needs to be on your food travel list. Right now.

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