Strong 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Costa Rica and Panama


Above: a map of the quake (graphic: USGS)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake shook Costa Rica and Panama on Saturday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The quake, which occurred at a depth of 36 kilometres, struck around 18 kilometres east of Punta de Burica in Panama, about 258 kilometres southeast of San Jose, Costa Rica.

The quake caused reports of shaking across both countries, with reports of “strong” shaking toward the border region between the two Central American neighbours. The shaking extended to both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of the countries.

The quake came a week after a 5.1-magnitude quake shook the border region between Panama nd Colombia.

The extent of any damage or injuries was not yet clear.

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