Caribbean Art: Capturing the Bahamian Spirit in Photos


Above: photos of Aljournal Miller and Emanuel Alexiou (Photos: Bahamian Project)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A new exhibition in the Bahamas looks to capture the spirit of the Bahamian people in photographs.

The exhibition at the Salus Project Gallery which begins Thursday, Dec. 4, is called “The Bahamian Collection,” and is the work of photographer Duke Wells, the founder of the Bahamian Project.

The project began a year ago, and the collection represents that first year of work, with 60 classic black and white portraits of Bahamians.

“It’s a celebration of the good in our society. This Collection has put faces to the spirit that makes us Bahamian – these are but a few of the many Bahamians that reflect that spirit,” said Lisa Wells, manager of the project.

“The photographic portraits being exhibited are of men and women from all walks of life, who together represent the heart, soul and spirit of the Bahamian character,” according to the exhibition.

While Wells began the Bahamian Project himself, it has expanded into an “umbrella” of more than a dozen photographers across the country, looking to “capture the soul and spirit of the nation’s population.”