Island Bites: French Fry Hopping in Willemstad, Curacao


If you travel anywhere in the Dutch Caribbean, you’re likely to find terrific french fries, something these islands have in common with their mainland countrymen in the Netherlands.

And that’s nowhere more true than in Willemstad, Curacao, which happens to have some seriously good fries — and in abundance, too.

And while you can scour the city looking for the perfect golden, crispy fry, there are two stops you have to make: Frietje Komt Zo in the Punda section and, just over the Queen Emma Bridge, the Dutch Treat stand in Otrabanda.


Frietje Komt Zo, which advertises its “Famous Dutch Fries,” is more of a full-fledged cafe, while Dutch Treat is your classic street stand.

But what they have in common are classic Dutch fries: slightly thick, with the perfect ratio of outer crispiness to inner softness (scientists have been working on the latter equation for decades).


And, naturally, they’re to be taken with mayonnaise; at Frietje Komt Zo it was on the side, while Dutch Treat generously heaped the mayo right on top.


The beauty of Willemstad is that it’s so walkable: meaning that you can try your own french-fry-hopping odyssey and, by the time you reach your next fry stop, you’ve burned off the first taste.

It’s nice to pretend that’s true, at least.

— CJ

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