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Trinidad Launches Tilapia Project

Above: Tilapia

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Trinidad’s Ministry of Food Production has launched a new tilapia project.

The Tilapia Floating Raft Cage Culture Project in Ste Madeline, South Trinidad at a cost of around $34,910 USD.

According to Minister Devant Maharaj, the project could generate around 27,000 pounds of tilapia every year.

“Locally, tilapia is also more competitive than other types of fish. For example king fish at $45 per pound, carite retails at $30, red fish at $25 and tilapia at between $15 and $20,” he said.

Trinidad has also been implementing other projects to ramp up tilapia production, including an Aquaculture Demonstration Centre at Bamboo and the reestablishment of a Tilapia Commodity Task Force.

“Incentives are available to persons interested in aquaculture, for example to establish new ponds, for water, pumps, new hoses and accessories, harvesting gear and equipment,” he said, urging citizens to consider aquaculture as a “viable enterprise.”

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