What Are the Best Hotels in Haiti?


Above: a room at the Royal Oasis in Petion-Ville

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Last year, Haiti’s Tourism Ministry announced it would be introducing a new way of classifying its hotels.

Instead of using the traditional “star” rating system, the Ministry announced that it would be using the country’s national flower (and face of its tourism logo), the hibiscus.

The results are now in, and the country has officially unveiled its hotel rankings.

So what are the top hotels in Haiti?

There were five hotels receiving the maximum five-out-of-five hibiscus, and they are all located in or around the capital, Port-au-Prince: the Karibe Hotel and Convention Center; the Inn at Villa Bambou, the Royal Oasis, the NH El Rancho and the Best Western Premier.

There were also seven hotels receiving four hibiscus: the Hotel Montana, the Servotel, Le Plaza Hotel, Habitation Jouissant, Hotel Port-Morgan, Abaka Bay Resort and Le Village d’Ennery.

In total, there were 52 hotels that received 3 hibiscus, 92 hotels that received 2 hibiscus and 21 hotels that received 1 hibiscus.

Haiti classified a total of 177 hotels comprising 4,861 rooms in the country.

See below for the full list of three, four and five-hibiscus hotels:



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