Rum Journal: In Virgin Gorda, a Bar Among the Treetops


Above: the Treehouse at the Rock Cafe in Virgin Gorda (All photos by CJ)

VIRGIN GORDA — It isn’t the highest bar in Virgin Gorda, but it’s certainly the tallest.

Here, winding through branches, weaving up around the island’s famous volcanic boulders, is a Caribbean bar inside a treehouse.


It’s just about a year old, and it’s an addition to the renowned Rock Cafe restaurant and lounge, where, instead of expanding out, they expanded up.


Above: Manager Patrick Davis

Built in levels, the Treehouse, as it’s known, includes a small dining area and a cozy bar, home to a signature cocktail (the Treehouse Special), a full bar and even access to the Rock Cafe’s 200-wine Italian-focused collection.


Above: the first steps up to the Treehouse

And while it’s true to the form of a traditional treehouse, this sleek structure is, happily, very easy to climb, thanks to a well-built, comfortable staircase.


Of course, building a bar in a treehouse comes with a major problem: deciding whether you’ll ever want to come back down.


— CJ


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