One Caribbean Island, 11 Rum Distilleries

caribbean martinique rum festivalMartinique's Rhum Depaz distillery in Saint Pierre will be the home of the jury.
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It’s the rum capital of the Caribbean — at least if you go by the number of distilleries. The French Caribbean island of Martinique has a whopping 11 distilleries, with even more rum brands, each producing the department’s signature rhum agricole, made out of fresh sugar cane juice, not molasses like its Spanish and English-speaking neighbours in the region. And exploring this route is one of the coolest experiences in the Caribbean. So join us and take a CJ tour of all 11 distilleries on the Route des Rhums.


Habitation Clement

The island’s most famous distillery, Habitation Clement is also home to a museum and an art gallery. It was even the site of a historic meeting between French President Francois Mitterand and US President George HW Bush in 1991.

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