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Eating Through Nassau in 8 Bites

By Guy Britton

NASSAU – For such a well-known destination, there are still secret spots and new places to dine off the beaten path in Nassau.  Few destinations have  a better  range o f culinary experiences. We had just three days and a mission to find Nassau’s best food — in 8 bites.  Join us as we explore Nassau’s culinary spectrum, from local and traditional favorites to gourmet restaurants, fine wine, seafood and, of course, the legendary conch. Come with us we experience Nassau in 8 bites:


Hog Snapper at Poop Deck Sandyport

I’ve never met a hog snapper I didn’t like, but this one was special. The Bahamian hog snapper is possibly the best tasting fish in the sea, and when seasoned and cooked to perfection over an open grill, it’s a heavenly white fish with a pure, clean fresh taste that will leaving you wanting more.


Conch Salad at McKenzie’s

Under the bridge across from Paradise Island, Potters Cay is at the corner of paradise and heaven. And on this culinary strip of conch peddlers, Mckenzie’s is simple and amazing. If you can get Mckenzie to crack a conch and make a fresh conch salad you are in for an experience. The conch practically comes right out of the sea, jumps out of  its  shell and onto your plate. There is a good reason Mckenzie’s has been here for almost 30 years.


Conch Chowder at Van Breugel’s

The  international center of the conch republic might be Nassau — or, then again, it might in this bowl of chowder. Careful — you might need a knife and fork. The pure conch taste is a fragrant mix of coconut milk ,   fresh vegetables and a hint of red curry.


Gourmet Continental at Sapodilla

True gourmet dining  is an experience. When the finest foods are complemented by great service and impeccable surroundings, all senses are heightened and verything just tastes better. I had the totally trimmed out lamb chop which was decadence defined.


Greek Salad at Athena Cafe & Bar

A cool Greek salad is the perfect lunch on a hot afternoon in Nassau. Greek culture is a part of Nassau’ s history, and Athena’s helps keep it alive.


Gourmet chocolate

Erika Davis and  her team of chocolatiers make this chocolate factory a delectable destination and a must stop on any food tour of Nassau (Indeed, Graycliff itself is a culinary mecca in its own right). At the factory they do learning and experiential tours and events, in some of which you can create your own chocolate works of art.


Bahamian Cookin’ Restaurant and Bar

Locally-owned and operated since 1986 and just two blocks up on Market Street, this is a true Bahamian kitchen, serving some of the best in local Bahamian dishes and foods. Here, they have a strategy and believe that food should sustain you and “make your stomach happy.” We had the steamed chicken in gravy and our stomachs were smiling all day long.


The Wine Cellar at Graycliff

OK so  this is more of a sip than bite, but if you love wine you’ll understand that we were tempted by the Chateau LaFite-Rothschild 1900! This wine cellar is amazing — an attraction  by itself and something to see. Built in 1740 by Pirate Captain John Graysmith, the cellar once held a prison garrison. It oozes history and smells like wine! It’s also the third-largest wine cellar in the world.

Many thanks to Alana Rodgers and the Tru Bahamian Food Tours for their help with our culinary explorations Contact them for Nassau food tasting and cultural walking tours.

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