Eating Through Nassau in 8 Bites

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By Guy Britton

NASSAU – For such a well-known destination, there are still secret spots and new places to dine off the beaten path in Nassau.  Few destinations have  a better  range o f culinary experiences. We had just three days and a mission to find Nassau’s best food — in 8 bites.  Join us as we explore Nassau’s culinary spectrum, from local and traditional favorites to gourmet restaurants, fine wine, seafood and, of course, the legendary conch. Come with us we experience Nassau in 8 bites:


Hog Snapper at Poop Deck Sandyport

I’ve never met a hog snapper I didn’t like, but this one was special. The Bahamian hog snapper is possibly the best tasting fish in the sea, and when seasoned and cooked to perfection over an open grill, it’s a heavenly white fish with a pure, clean fresh taste that will leaving you wanting more.

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