The Best Caribbean Cities For Food – 2014

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When you think of the Caribbean, maybe you think of the beach, or the small town, or the offshore cay — even if you live in the Caribbean. But at CJ, we want people to rethink the Caribbean — to understand what an incredibly diverse, vibrant place it is — one with beaches and small towns, but also one with pulsing, energetic cities. Particularly ones with great food.  So for our second annual Cities For Food list, we looked at a number of factors that make a city great for food — from a variety of restaurants to authentic street food. But while last year’s Cities For Food list placed a stronger emphasis on street food, this year’s list emphasizes a number of factors, including walkability, diversity of experience, diversity of cuisine and comfort. Here are CJ’s best cities for food in 2014.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is perhaps the most cosmopolitan place in the Caribbean, and one of the region’s true urban centres. San Juan is home to hole-in-the-wall eateries alongside haute cuisine outposts, with great street food and a walkable, easy-to-navigate map. If you’re looking to spend a weekend on a food adventure, this is your city this year.

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