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In Miami, the Modern Art of Cuba

Above: Abel Barroso, La Mesa de las Negociaciones, 2012

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A new exhibition at the Pan American Art Projects gallery in Miami’s Wynwood district is taking a look at the diversity of contemporary art in Cuba.

The show, Permutations, brings together the works of five artists who both live and work in Cuba: Abel Barroso, J Roberto Diago, Jorge Lopez Pardo and the duo of Meira Marrero and Jose Toirac.

“Throughout the show, we can see a distinctive component that has characterized Contemporary Cuban Art for at least the past two decades: direct or indirect social and political commentaries,” the gallery said. “While some artists choose to illustrate it straight with clear symbols, others take an introspective attitude and use metaphors instead.”

It’s the latest Cuban-focused work for the gallery, which has quickly become one of the leading galleries of Caribbean and Latin American art.

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