10 Secret Caribbean Hotels

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By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Some Caribbean hotels get all the love, making headlines for their swanky suites, spectacular views and over-the-top amenities. But island insiders know that there are many equally amazing properties that don’t make it to the pages of your favorite travel mag. Perhaps they’re in less-traveled Caribbean destinations. Maybe their owners pay more attention to their guests than their promotional efforts. Or they’re in tourism hotspots but are easily overlooked because of their size and/or location. Either way, they’re places we think you should have on your radar before you book your next tropical getaway. So check out our list of “secret” Caribbean resorts – and check in!


Casa Colonial, Dominican Republic

Who’d a thunk that secreted within Playa Dorado, Puerto Plata’s 14-resort all-inclusive compound, would be this a la carte jewel of a boutique hotel? Fifty chic suites feature Frette linens, and there’s a rooftop pool that overlooks the beach. But for me the pieces de resistance are the sea-view verandas that boast claw-foot tubs crowned with crystal chandeliers.

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