Rum Journal: The Somerset, Turks and Caicos Islands


IT’S NOT every day that a rum cocktail recipe that includes cantaloupe juice comes across our desk, but Urmas Karner, general manager of The Somerset resort on Provo in the Turks and Caicos Islands, assures us that this one’s a winner. “It’s rarely found in stores so we puree our own from the whole melon” says the general manager, who suggests you do, too. So prime your blender, ladies and gentlemen, and get your rum ready. Because this cantaloupe cocktail is about to go dooooown!


32 ounces 70 proof Bambarra Coconut Rum*

1 ounce 80 proof Bambarra Black rum*

3 ounces freshly blended cantaloupe juice

1 ounce cranberry juice

1 ounce pineapple juice

1 sprig fresh mint


Crush the mint sprig and place in the bottom of a highball or double old-fashioned glass. Pour in the coconut rum and juices, add ice and stir well. Float with Bamabarra Black rum.

*If using other brands of rum check percentage proof and adjust amounts accordingly


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