Melia Planning Five Hotels in Venezuela


Above: an Innside by Melia hotel

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Melia Hotel International will be managing five new hotels in Venezuela under the Innside By Melia brand in the coming years, the company announced.

The hotels will be developed together with investor Franco Biocchi Zurita; There are 16 Innside by Melia hotels around the world either open or in the opening process.

“This framework agreement is a major landmark in the consolidation of the Innside brand as a market leader for urban hotels in cities with strong growth and development potential in Latin America, while also strengthening our strategic alliance with Franco Biocchi to develop extraordinary and successful hotel projects in Venezuela,” said Gabriel Escarrer, CEO of Melia Hotels International.

Melia said the firs hotel would be the Innside Punto Fijo Hotel in the state of Falcon, which is slated to open in 2016.

“Meliá is an excellent option for investors given its very strong values, solvency, management excellence, and ability to maximize service quality and the customer experience while also optimizing the return on our investment,” Biocchi said. “Innside hotels are undoubtedly the finest example of the modern, sophisticated and profitable type of hotel we wish to own.”

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