Island Bites: Five (Not So) Hot Caribbean Sauces


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Some like it hot. Others, well, not so much. But even if you’re a hot-sauce hater you can still try a taste of the tropics. Just check out these five Caribbean condiments that deliver island flavor without the fire.



Shredded green mangoes, mustard oil and Indian spices combine in this staple sweet-spicy-sour Trini topper that really perks up a cheese sandwich.


Pickapeppa Sauce
Similar to the Brits’ “brown sauce,” this classic “Jamaican ketchup” – made with tamarind, tomato, mango and onions – has been pleasing palates since 1921.


Banana Ketchup

In St Lucia, the Baron brand of this sunshine-hued, spicy-sweet sauce made from bananas, tomato paste, vinegar, sugar and spices is the one to buy.


Sorrel Chutney

Like the similarly flavored cranberry jelly, this Jamaican spread (made from the petals of a hibiscus-like plant) is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas turkey or ham.


Hot Chow

Slap some of this mustard-based Trini relish on a hot dog and let the tropical flavor (thanks to papaya and mango) transform it from “ho-hum” to “hot diggity!”


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