Island Bites: Finding Grand Bahama’s Best Conch Salad


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

If you’re a conch salad craver, you’ll want to add Grand Bahama’s Billy Joe’s to your must-eat list.

This rustic, decades-old seaside set-up next to Freeport’s Grand Lucayan serves one of the best conch salads I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Because the conch is fresh-caught it is always tender, never chewy.

And its mildly briny flavor is enhanced by the traditional Bahamian ceviche-style preparation: seasoned with salt and pepper; then diced and combined with chopped green peppers, tomatoes and onions; and tossed in tangy lime and sour orange juices.

Regulars order a bowlful of the glistening gastropod and then repair to the beachfront deck to enjoy the sea breezes that ruffle the Kalik pennants strung from the rafters.

Follow their lead by adding a drizzle of Billy’s homemade hot sauce before you sit down. But be sure to limit yourself to just a few drops.

Made to a secret family recipe that combines locally grown goat peppers and citrus juices, this combustible condiment packs both flavor and fire!

— CJ