Hiking St Kitts in 7 Photos


By Joshua Martinez
CJ Contributor

ST KITTS — The Eastern Caribbean island of St Kitts packs a big punch when it comes to hiking, with a host of trails equally formidable for the novice and the expert. On a recent journey to the island, staying at the St Kitts Marriott, I got the chance to join Greg Pereira of Greg’s Safaris on a fascinating hike through St Kitts’ Middle Range.

Greg’s tour began with a 4×4 trip in the back country of the island, and into the rainforest.

Greg calls it the Phillips Rainforest Trail, named for the nearby village of Phillips.

We journeyed on a two-mile loop through the mountain valley, 1,000 feet above sea level.

“Due to its location, I thought I would name it after the community so as to create a sense of pride for them and ownership looking at long term sustainable use, continuing after I am gone,” Pereira told me.

St Kitts is one of the smallest islands in the region, but it is, in many cases, spectacular.

It’s lush, mountainous and natural.

And unforgettable.

— CJ

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