Rum Journal: On Anguilla’s Scilly Cay, Rum Punch With a Side of Crayfish


Above: Scilly Cay, Anguilla

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

You have to look hard to find bargains on the pricey Caribbean paradise of Anguilla, but they do exist. Our favorite? The rum punch served up at Scilly Cay, an islet just offshore from Island Harbour pier.

The specialty of the house is the creation of Eudoxie Wallace – better known as Gorgeous – proprietor of the sandy spit where the famously delicious crayfish and lobster platters will set you back $75. The potent potable, however, is a true bargain at just $5 a cup – which might explain why Gorgeous has been known to pour as many as 600 a day.

Concocted with about a half-glass of Mount Gay Eclipse; a generous pour of Amaretto; and a splash of fruit juice (“It’s expensive, so we don’t use that much,” Gorgeous says with a wink), it’s a “mind-eraser” that instantly puts you in an island state of mind. And also helps soothe the sting of your $75 meal.

Of course, you could pass on the punch and opt for something soft … bottled water, for example. But at $3 a time, it’s no bargain. And as Gorgeous says, “Why would you want to drink water? Fish f**k in that stuff!”

Rum punch that’s a better value than water? We’ll toast to that!

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