The Caribbean’s Best Juice?


By Alexander Britell

ROSEAU — “The best juice in the world.”

If I had come across this sign in Times Square, or on Hollywood Boulevard, or in a host of major cities in the Caribbean full of bold street booths, I’d have never given it a second glance.

But here on a quiet corner of Dominica’s capital, Roseau, somehow it didn’t seem hyperbolic.

Roseau is a rather small city, but it’s not without distinct pleasures and hidden charms : old bars, small boutiques and, on a corner near the port, this colourful juice stand.

JB, the man in the Yankees cap who operated the stand, was bold enough to proclaim himself purveyor of the world’s best.

You see, Dominica is famous within the Caribbean for its fresh produce (helped, no doubt, by its rich, volcanic soil), meaning you’d be hard-pressed to find better ingredients for the job.

And the Juice Man’s straight-up juices and blended fruit cocktails lived up to the billing.

No preservatives, nothing artificial  — this was the good stuff.

I chose Papaya. I chose wisely.

And it was good — very good. Almost shockingly good, really.

Some signs are true, it seems.

— CJ

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