This Wedding Band Washed Up at a Caribbean Hotel. Now the Search Is On.


Above: the wedding band just read “I Love You Nancy”

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A gold wedding band recently washed up on the shore of the Cap Maison hotel in St Lucia on Tuesday.

The inscription on the ring simply read, “I Love You Nancy.”

It was discovered when a staff member spotted something glimmering in the water below the hotel’s rock Maison private dock, below the hotel’s Cliff at Cap restaurant.

Now, the hotel is trying to find the owner.

“The ring has special meaning to someone and we are committed to solving the mystery and returning it to its rightful owner,” said Ross Stevenson, general manager of Cap Maison. ”

The hotel said it was using the hashtag “ILoveYouNancy” in its bid to help find the ring and “restore the profound love that it symbolizes.”