Hotel Highlight: The Sweetest Perk at Petit St Vincent


Above: Petit St Vincent in the Grenadines (All photos by CJ)

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon

PETIT ST VINCENT — There are many things to love about Petit St Vincent, this all-inclusive private island resort in the southern sweep of the Grenadines: Its 22 casual-chic oceanfront and hillside cottages. The charmingly retro Mini Moke beach buggies, made in a workshop right on the island, that ferry guests around the 115-acre islet. And of course, the resort’s signature flagpole system, by which guests raise a red or green pennant outside their cottage to either summon service or request solitude.

But one of the things I love most is much smaller. No, not the Nespresso machines, Frette robes or Bulgari toiletries that come standard in each villa. Not the cute eyelet beach bag, either. It’s the homemade cookies that captured my heart.

From the moment I first noticed them, sealed in a mason jar atop the mini bar, they whispered my name. Closer inspection revealed an assortment of sugar, oatmeal-raisin and chocolate chip biscuits, each encrusted with glistening crystals of golden sugar. I was supposed to be limiting my sweets but hey, it would have been rude not to try at least one, right?

I took a bite.

And just like that, an afternoon ritual was born. Every day at four o’clock, instead of tea and scones I’d retreat to my hillside home for coffee and a cookie. Or three, nibbled at my leisure as I lounged on the verandah on a teak chaise overlooking the turquoise view.

A couple of days into my stay, despite my vow of temperance, the cookie jar was somehow empty. I was sad but relieved; at least I’d no longer have to rely on my clearly lacking willpower to save me from bigger pants. So imagine my mixed emotions when I came back from a swim to find the jar brimming once again with tempting treats. Turns out that the cookies are replenished as often as required – with no judgment, just typical PSV-efficiency – for the enjoyment of sugar-craving, weak-willed guests like me.

Hmmm… what to do? Resist the temptation or relish the resort’s generosity? A few seconds contemplation and my choice became clear.

I fired up the Nespresso, chose a cookie, and stepped out onto the balcony to savor them both.

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