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Delta: Caracas Flight Reductions Due to Government Currency Controls

Above: a Delta plane

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Delta’s recently-announced reductions in flights to Caracas, Venezuela were due to circumstances relating to the “the government’s foreign currency control requirements,” the carrier said in a release.

The company announced at the beginning of last month that it would be reducing its flights to Caracas, reducing flights from daily to weekly service between Atlanta and Caracas.

“While Delta continues to work diligently and in good faith with the Venezuelan government to find an expedient resolution to the issue, the matter remains unresolved with more than USD $169.4 million in revenue awaiting approval for repatriation,” the carrier said. “This has left the airline no option but to limit its financial risk by reducing operations in Venezuela.”

Delta said it was offering its assistance to those passengers “who already have commenced their travels to ensure they have options for their return to Caracas and will operate additional flights as needed.”

Delta has been operating to Caracas for 15 years and said it “values its longstanding commercial relationship with the Venezuelan government.”

“Delta remains committed to the Venezuelan market and its loyal Venezuelan customers,” it said. “The airline does not intend to leave the market at this time.”

“Delta remains hopeful that the repatriation issues can be resolved with the government and we can return to regular service,” it said.

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