In Nevis, Feeding Fish With a 7-Iron


Above: eco-friendly golf in Nevis (CJ Photo)

IT’S THE only time you can play golf and feel great about hitting it in the water.

It’s the newest initiative of the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis — a “green” driving range of sorts, replete with eco-friendly balls that dissolve into fish food within around 72 hours of hitting the water.

The idea came from Mac Kee France, the resort’s director of recreation, in 2013, thanks to the recent advent of the “Ecobioball.”

So you’re not just getting in some precision range practice — you’re also helping the local sea life.

Set up a turf mat with the resort’s golf pro, Bruce Wilson, and take aim at the tiny floating green.

The resort calls it “Ecobio Golf.”

You might call it marine conservation with a seven-iron.

— CJ

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