The Best Caribbean Islands For Island Hopping

Island Hopping
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You can have a wonderful time anywhere in the Caribbean. But for the more adventurous, why not try some good old-fashioned island hopping? Use one island as a base and try out one, two, three or more islands all within easy reach. It’s a throwback to the jetsetting golden age of Caribbean travel — and it’s more than doable today. Thankfully, there are lots of places where you can do it. These are some of our favourites, with an emphasis on islands that have multiple nearby islands within easy reach (by air or by boat) — your “hopping off points.”

Puerto Rico

You can get pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean from San Juan (thanks to regional carriers like Cape Air and Seaborne), and a number of islands are even closer by ferry and plane — like Culebra, Vieques and the US Virgin Islands. (Above: Vieques)

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