Speed Cameras Coming to Trinidad?


Above: downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad (Caribbean Journal Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Laser speed guns are on their way to Trinidad and Tobago, Transport Minister Stephen Cadiz said this week.

The laser speed guns will ticket cars driving at excess speeds, Cadiz told a recent Senate sitting of Parliament.

Legislation to implement the cameras will be brought to Parliament in the next couple of weeks, Cadiz said.

The cameras, which will cost up to TT$14 million (about $2.17 million USD), target speeding vehicles and take photos of their licence plates, noting the car’s speed and the speed limit for the area.

Trinidad has already installed red light cameras in the country at the Wrightson Road traffic light, but Cadiz said offenders “should not expect a ticket in the mail because the legislation does not provide for that.”

Trinidad’s new Motor Vehicle Authority Act would help the government enforce red light penalties, he said.