In Grand Cayman, a Focus on Local Artists


Above: a work by artist David Bridgeman, who will be among those exhibiting at X1 (David Bridgeman)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A newly-formed art collective in Grand Cayman is emphasizing the work of local Caymanian artists.

It’s called C4 (Company Four), and includes established Caymanian artists David Bridgeman, Aston Ebanks, Kaitlyn Elphinstone and Christopher Mann.

C4’s first show, X1, will officially open at the Camana Bay development on May 23.

The exhibition will include works “representing ideas the artists have wanted to develop and show for some time, but required a suitable venue and opportunity,” according to the group.

“We are very thankful to Camana Bay for offering the collective an empty shop space in a bustling town centre to exhibit our art and are really looking forward to bringing our off-the-canvas concepts to life,” Elphinstone said.

The exhibition is taking place at Block 6, Unit 3 on Market Street in Camana Bay.

“The work to be exhibited will not consist of drawing and painting. Our work can be more accurately described as sculptural assemblage installation,” Mann said. “We work as individuals, with the aim of exhibiting our work as a group. The collective is significant to our art practice because of; the sharing of views and disciplines, the discussion of ideas and approaches, and the social support and networking opportunities.”


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