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Caribbean Cookbook: From Anguilla, Conch Fritters With Yellow Curry Sauce

Caribbean Cookbook will be featuring recipes from some of the Caribbean’s best chefs in the next month as they prepare to compete in the upcoming Taste of the Caribbean competition in Miami.

The first recipe comes from Teron Thompson, a junior chef for the Anguilla National Culinary Team.

Thompson sends us his recipe for conch fritters:

Teron Thompson’s Conch Fritters:


2 cup Chopped Conch Meat
¼ cup Mahi Mahi or Other White Fish Trimmings
1 ea Yellow Onion- MInced
1 ea Green Bell Pepper- Minced
1 ea Red Bell Pepper
2 T. Cilantro- chopped
4 ea Eggs
2 cup Panko Bread Crumbs
1 T Fresh Lime Juice


Combine Conch and Mahi in a food processor and puree until smooth.
Add 2 eggs, onion, peppers, lime and cilantro- pulse
Remove from blender, quenelle or mold into balls- freeze for a half hour
Use remaining eggs and panko to bread the lightly frozen conch- then fry in oil

Tomato Jam


Ripe Tomato- diced
Toasted Cumin Seed
Coriander Seed
Black Peppercorn
Chili Flake
Bay Leaf
Cinnamon Stick
Star Anise
Oregano-fresh or dried
Basil- fresh or dried

Combine all seeds and spices in a sachet
Combine all ingredients in a stainless steel pot, simmer until reduced to the consistency of a jam. Remove sachet. Chill.

Yellow Curry Sauce

500 g Yellow Onion- diced
1 qt Heavy Cream
10 g Garlic-minced
8 g Yellow Curry Powder
1/4 c. White wine

Saute onion and garlic in vegetable oil- add curry powder
Add wine and reduce to dry
Add cream and reduce by half- strain through chinois

Makes four servings.

Bon appetit!

— CJ

Above: Chef Teron Thompson

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