Caribbean Cookbook: Crab Stew and Coconut Arancini From Puerto Rico


THE LATEST edition of Caribbean Cookbook comes to us from the Condado Plaza Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This recipe for Salmorejo (Crab Stew) and Coconut Arancini is the brainchild of Executive Chef Germania Maria Diaz, who delighted attendees at the recent fourth annual Saborea festival in San Juan with this very dish.

Here’s the recipe for Samorejo and Coconut Arancini:


12 oz crabmeat
1 tsp ground garlic
1 ½ tbsp chopped onions
2 or 3 olives, chopped
1 tbsp chopped green peppers
2 drops of Tabasco sauces
1 tbsp olive oil
⅓ C tomato sauce
½ C water
Salt to taste
2 C Cooked White Rice
Shredded Coconut


To make the Salmorejo (Crab Stew) – Sautee all ingredients, except the crabmeat and rice, over medium heat for about two minutes, stirring continuously. Add the crabmeat, stir, and cook, covered, for 15 minutes over low heat. Stir and let stand for a few minutes, covered.

Let the Salmorejo and white rice cool down, then mix and roll into balls. Bread with shredded coconut and serve hot.

Bon apetit!

— CJ

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