12 Solar-Powered Caribbean Hotels

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IT’S THE Caribbean’s most abundant resource, and it’s powering a number of the region’s hotels: the sun. From hot water heaters to large-scale solar arrays, the Caribbean has an increasing number of solar-powered hotels. To continue our Earth Week coverage, here are some of the hotels where you can both enjoy the sun on the beach and use it as a source of energy. This isn’t a list of every solar-powered hotel, but it will give you an idea of the growing movement in the region, from those that get all of their power from the sun to others that heat their water with it. Here’s hoping more hotels in the Caribbean follow their lead.

Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa — St Maarten

After completing a large-scale panel array, this is now the region’s largest solar-powered resort, with 2,602 solar panels producing 755 kilowatts of energy. That means between six and eight hours a day when the property is powered entirely using the sun.

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