British Virgin Islands Launches Chairmanship of OCTA


Above: the British Virgin Islands

By the Caribbean Journal staff

British Virgin Islands Premier Dr Orlando Smith has formally launched his chairmanship of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association.

Smith launched the chairmanship during an official visit earlier this month to Brussels, where he met with European Union officials and discussed partnerships with the 26 overseas countries and territories that are associated with the EU.

Smith also held talks with Marcus Cornaro, Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – Europe Aid, during which he discussed plans for the 13th OCT-EU Forum, which will be held this year in the British Virgin Islands.

The two sides additionally held talks on environmental issues including support for biodiversity in the OCTs and sustainable development.

“We must collaborate across a number of areas such as trade, environment, renewable energy and waste management to meet our sustainability goals,” Smith said in a statement. “The EU, ACP and Outermost Regions are key partners for the OCTs in these endeavours and OCTA looks forward to strengthening our relationships with them.”


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