Haiti’s Michel Martelly Meets With Delegation From OAS


Above: the Haitian and OAS teams in Port-au-Prince (OAS Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti President Michel Martelly met Friday with a delegation from the Organization of American States in Port-au-Prince.

Martelly, who was joined by the country’s new Culture Minister, Monique Rocourt, met with the objective of “preparing for the next Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the Americas,” according to the OAS.

That meeting will be held in Port-au-Prince from Aug. 12 to Aug. 13.

The OAS delegation included Director of the Department of Economic and Social Development, Maryse Robert, and the Director General of the Ministry of Culture of Haiti, Stefan Malebranche, among others.

Rocourt joined the Cabinet following a major reshuffle earlier in the week.