Don Q Distillery to Ramp Up Rum Production in Puerto Rico


Above: a bottle of Don Q

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Destileria Serralles, the producer famous for Puerto Rico’s Don Q rum, will be expanding its rum production in Puerto Rico, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced Tuesday.

The Ponce-based distillery, which produces the Don Q range along with locally-sold rums like Ron Palo Viejo and Ron Llave, will be adding up to 8 million gallons to production in the next few years, the Governor said in a statement.

“Destileria Serralles has signed new contracts enabling it to increase its production of rum in the millions of additional gallons in the next few years,” Garcia said.

The new production volume is in part due to contracts for Serralles to produce distilled spirits for sale in the US market.

The Governor said the new contracts were part of a government push to revive Puerto Rico’s sugar cane industry.

Under the new agreements, Serralles begin increasing production beginning this month.

Don Q has traditionally been the best-selling rum in Puerto Rico.