The Caribbean’s Best Destinations For Foodies – 2014

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The foodie revolution is upon us. And it means more and more travelers are planning their trips around a single purpose: culinary exploration. Thankfully, the Caribbean is one of the great food destinations in the world, with dozens of destinations rife for tastebud tourism. Of course, not all Caribbean foodie destinations are the same. Some emphasize masterful street food, while others focus on high-end dining establishments. Still others have a combination of both. Here is our list of the best Caribbean islands for foodies for 2014 — the places where you can travel simply for the joy of food. Bon appetit!

Puerto Rico

You may argue, but right now, Puerto Rico is the culinary capital of the Caribbean. In San Juan alone, there are more cutting-edge chefs with internationally competitive restaurants than anywhere else in the region. And they’re not just doing their local cuisine proud, but bringing in global cuisines, too, to make the island a hub of Caribbean culinary innovation. (And, of course, there’s Puerto Rico’s delicious street food for day-to-day exploration). (Above: fish tacos at Bar Gitano in Condado).

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