UN Hails “Unprecedented Step in Haitian Political History”


Above: MINUSTAH Chief Sandra Honore (UN Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The recently-signed El Rancho accord between the branches of Haiti’s government is an “unprecedented step in Haitian political history,” according to MINUSTAH chief Sandra Honore.

The accord, which was signed on March 14, stipulates that elections be held this year in Haiti; it would combine elections delayed more than two years with those scheduled for the end of 2014, which include the entire Chamber of Deputies.

Earlier this month, Haiti President Michel Martelly said the accord had “made possible what seemed impossible.”

“Dialogue as means of agreement is a victory for Haiti,” said Honore, a native of Trinidad and Tobago who was addressing the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday. “The long-awaited adoption and promulgation of the Electoral Law in December 2013, along with the March 14th Accord emanating from the inter-Haitian dialogue, have prepared a path toward inclusive and transparent elections to be held later this year – a sine qua non for the continuous functioning of Parliament in January 2015.”

Honore said Haiti was now at a turning point, urging that the provisions of the accord be “implemented in a timely manner by the Haitian authorities.

“To this end, MINUSTAH along with members of the international community represented in Haiti, are engaging Haiti’s key political actors,” she said.

The MINUSTAH chief also addressed Haiti’s economy, which grew by 4.3 percent in 2013, something she said was reason for “cautious optimism and renewed hope.”


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