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The Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is the most romantic region in the world.  The climate,  the beaches, enchanting hotels and world class restaurants all play their parts, but there is something more.  Romance is naturally subjective, but there are factors that make some places more romantic than others. And certain islands have, over time, managed to cultivate different levels of romance. The islands on this list are a mix (though we only considered islands that have at least two hotels): some are those that are romantic by their natural beauty; others are romantic because of their beautiful resorts.  Some are large, some are small; and others are just the perfect places to go for an escape with your loved one. Here are our picks for 2014.


Part of a twin-island federation with nearby St Kitts, Nevis is an enchanting place. Utterly untouched (with nary a traffic light), there’s something romantic about the majesty of Nevis Peak, the centuries-old sugar mills that dot the island and Nevis’ brand of innocent natural beauty (not to mention one of the best concentrations of luxurious hotels anywhere in the Caribbean, like the Four Seasons, above). In short, Nevis is a magical place.

St Lucia

St Lucia is always near the top of the list when it comes to the question of romance, and it’s easy to see why the minute you look out from your terrace at the Pitons. Over time, St Lucia has carved out a niche in offering an intimate, natural, elegant experience for couples’ retreats. (Above: La Haut resort)


Anguilla will amaze you; how a place so comfortable and laid-back can also be so refined and elegant. You can spend your days lounging on some of the Caribbean’s most impressive beaches and the nights having candle-lit oceanfront meals at top-tier restaurants. Or you can simply stay inside your room with the upper-echelon luxury of properties like Cap Juluca and Viceroy.

St Barth

St Barth didn’t invent Caribbean romance. But the way everything is so perfectly tailored, perfectly manicured and overwhelmingly beautiful, you might be fooled into thinking it did. When you approach it from the sea, this French outpost rises from the sea like something out of a storybook. And the fairy tale continues when you step ashore.


Antigua might have more purely romantic hotels than any other island in the region. And there’s something about the way it’s always cherished its relationship with the sea, from the time of Admiral Nelson to its famous regattas. (Above: Hermitage Bay)


There’s something intoxicating about the way French and Caribbean cultures play with one another in Martinique, a kinetic cocktail of the French’s art de vivre and passion of the Caribbean. (Above: Cap-Est Lagoon Resort and Spa).

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Providenciales is a kind of blend; it has a mix of hotel properties new and old, from large resorts to tiny luxury retreats. Coupled with terrific restaurants and nearly unmatched beaches, this is the epitome of a Caribbean getaway.

Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe

When you arrive on this tiny island in the Guadeloupe Islands, you’ll think it’s a kind of mirage. It’s a picturesque French village plopped on a beautiful Caribbean patch of sand. And that’s only the beginning.

Bequia — St Vincent and the Grenadines

The islands of the Grenadines have always been known to be romantic, and the island of Bequia exemplifies that. It has maintained a kind of exotic character over the years, marrying its old-world maritime culture with a funky, almost irreverent vibe.

Virgin Gorda — British Virgin Islands

This is a great place to just hide. You can arrive by boat to your resort, get off the dock, and head right for your room on the beach. It’s intimate, it’s discreet and, couples with the famous Baths, you have the feeling of being truly far away from it all.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are oases of undisturbed, calm beauty. What sets Harbour Island apart, of course, are its almost impossibly pink beaches. And in a country blessed with marvelous patches of sand, beaches like this are even more remarkable.


You feel it the second you arrive. The air is different. And it is — this is the Spice Isle, where the sweet aroma of nutmeg permeates the environment. But from lush landscapes to charming architecture, it’s touches all of the senses.


Another gem in the Grenadines, Mustique has developed a niche as an ultra-exclusive retreat for celebrities and the like. Whether you’re in the tabloids or not, you’ll feel like one here — this is a discreet, elegant Caribbean paradise.


When Ursula Andress rose from the sea in Dr. No, the whole world was put on notice: Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s romantic capitals. And over time, the country has managed to further develop its romantic identity, with charming hotels, verdant landscapes and a vibrant culture that always reminds you that where you are is unique in the region. (Above: the Tensing Pen resort)


Barbados has long held a certain sort of appeal; it’s a bit remote; it has a refined, historic charm, and it’s always had a kind of dreamy quality (even when you’re not drinking Mount Gay). For decades, Barbados has been a kind of aspirational ideal for many travelers, and it’s remained so.


It’s called the Nature Island, and while that means it’s a haven for hikers and adventure-seekers, Dominica is also a perfect place for a romantic retreat. Dominica has retained its Old Caribbean feel, for sure, but it’s also carved its own path. You’ll know you’re in the Caribbean, but you’ll sense that you’re in a different dimension.


Antigua’s quiet sister island, Barbuda is known for its sheer beauty, its immaculate, empty beaches and its never-ending relaxation. (Above: Coco Point Lodge)

St Martin/St Maarten

A different kind of romance; the island of St Martin/St Maarten is tempestuous, bustling, frenetic. Yes, you can find your relaxing sanctuaries, but there is also a bustle here, a pulse, an energy that makes it vastly different than many of its neighbours.

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